Why you should not base your workflow process decisions on any segment-level score (including Phrase’s new QPS)

As I watched the recent video presentation of the Quality Performance Score (QPS)

Our paper “Neural Machine Translation of Clinical Text” has been accepted by the Frontiers magazine

In our quest to provide the best services to our clients and utilize the abilities of machine translation to the utmost

Our Most Significant R&D Result in 2023: Edit Distance Prediction Method

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to talk about year-end results – and we have something very special up our sleeve.

Why it is important to acknowledge the lack of intelligence in “AI”

Generative LLMs, colloquially known as “AI”, have made great strides in the recent months – but that doesn’t mean that they became “intelligent” or that they stopped “hallucinating” and producing inaccurate answers or translations.

GEMBA-SQM translation quality evaluation is easy to implement as zero-shot LLM prompt … and totally useless

The hype ignores AI hallucination, because the hype is caused by people hallucinating on AI.

Translation quality evaluation is all we need

“The unpredictable abilities emerging from large AI models: Large language models like ChatGPT are now big enough that they’ve started to display startling, unpredictable behaviors.”

Smaller models are still better than LLMs if trained well

We live in the world of hype. It is rarely completely harmless, but it is especially detrimental when it is accepted without scientific verification, and used as the basis for long-term growth plans.

The AI Boogeyman: Deconstructing Harari’s Dire Warnings

A well-known philosopher and historian Yuval Noah Harai has penned a comment for The Economist, decrying the advent of AI as the end of human history.